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About Tony Bendele

Tony Bendele is a self-taught photographer and videographer who has documented the beauty and the plight of our planet since he first picked up a camera for fun while working as a wildland firefighter in northern California from 2009 - 2013. Now an internationally published and award-winning photographer, Tony captures the imagination of a global audience.

Tony is uniquely qualified to create his brand of photography which spans a wide range of subjects. While currently running a portrait and wedding photography business in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, his work does not stop there. Tony travels worldwide to capture some of his favorite subjects which include extreme weather, natural landscapes, wildlife and zoo animals, emergency incidents, aerial photography, and much more.

Through social media, Tony strives to share his vision with hundreds of thousands of people and to inspire them to explore the world for themselves. His powerful images have been featured around the world in magazines, art festivals, TV/media, documentaries, newspapers, websites, and much more. Below is just a small sample of where you can find his photos and videos.

PUBLISHED WORK (click to open)

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