2018 Calendars - Tony Bendele Photography


There are 5 themed calendars for 2018. Each calendar is now ONLY $6.00!!!

Every calendar order will come with a coupon sheet. 

Coupon #1 - 50% off a regularly priced session

Coupon #2 - 25% off a regularly priced session

Coupon #3 - 25% off a regularly priced canvas

Coupon #4 - 50% off a regularly priced print

TO ORDER: Please send the information listed below to either my email address or in a message on Facebook. After your message is received I will send an invoice to your email account. Once the invoice is sent it's payable online via debit or credit. Once paid it will give you an instant confirmation of your payment and a receipt for your records. AFTER THE INVOICE IS SENT IT IS ONLY ACTIVE FOR 24 HOURS (due to people requesting invoices then not paying). If payment isn't made within 24 hours, the invoice will be canceled. Checks are NOT accepted under any circumstances (due to the amount of bounced checks in the past).


(Please send this to me in a private message on Facebook or to tonybendelephotography@gmail.com if you want to order).

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2018 Calendar Design #1 - "Extreme Weather"

$6.00 - This calendar is limited to 200 orders.

2018 Calendar Design #2 - "Landscapes of the United States"


2018 Calendar Design #3 - "Sunrises and Sunsets"


2018 Calendar Design #4 - "Wildlife/Animals"


2018 Calendar Design #5 - "Pennsylvania Covered Bridges"


Calendar Designs